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Do you have any relatives that don't live in the state as you? Where do you live, and where do all of your relatives live?

I live in NH. Literally none of my relatives live in the same state as me. I have 2 siblings in MA, one in IL, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousins in FL, and aunt, uncle, and cousins in GA. I really don't like visiting FL and GA, so I rarely see all of them. I have some weird problem with southern states (sorry if you see this and live there hahah). I'm a New Englander all the way. I spend most of my time in NH or MA, because I've been going to school in MA since 6th grade (i'm in 12th now) and a majority of my friends live there.
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Our power has been acting nuts for the past several days so I was wondering if someone could take over on the Daily STuff for today and possibly tomorrow? It would be a great deal of help to me......Please?lol

New Rule

In order to stay in this community, unless you go on an offical hiatus, you need to take part in the daily activities, which will be starting on Monday.

*This post was made due to serious inactivity. Dailies need to be done once in a while. With that said, if NOBODY is taking part in anything, people need to make it clear that in order for a community to NOT be dead, they need to participate in the activities with which they were given as much as they can. If they are unable to, they should be considerate and let the people know that they will be unavailable for a certain period of time. This is common sense in EVERY community, so if there are members in the community and they don't get it, a leader of some sort needs to make a post stating that.